In-depth Guide: Jojoba Oil For Hair, How To Use, What Hair Type

In-depth Guide: Jojoba Oil For Hair, How To Use, What Hair Type

The Best Ways To Use Jojoba For Your Hair

Our skin and hair work together to protect us, which is why it’s so important to treat them both with the utmost care. Like skincare, we consider hair care another form of self care, so before you hop in the shower, read this blog about the different ways you can use our Australian Jojoba to maintain silky, shiny hair.

Can I Use Jojoba On My Hair?

The first question you might have when starting your journey with Jojoba is can it actually be used in our hair? Of course! Our Australian Wadi-Wadi Jojoba is a lightweight sealant that has sebum-like properties similar to those found in our scalp, so it can be applied to our hair without creating greasiness, clogging pores or weighing it down. The great thing about Jojoba is that it’s use doesn’t stop at just the hair on your head! You can use Jojoba on your eyelashes, pre-shave and post-shave on your face and body, and for men - as a beard oil.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Jojoba On My Hair?

Jojoba contains great moisturizing properties which prevent the hair from becoming dry & brittle. Below are the many nutrients within our Australian Jojoba and what role they play in helping us maintain healthy hair:

  1. Vitamin A is a micronutrient which is essential for healthy hair. It contains antioxidant properties and helps the skin glands produce sebum, which moisturizes the scalp and keeps hair healthy.
  2. Vitamin D is a hormone that controls the calcium levels in our blood. It plays a big role in stimulating hair growth. Deficiencies in Vitamin D have been linked to hair loss - so Vitamin D is an important ingredient for maintaining soft, silky locks.
  3. Vitamin E is a vitamin essential for maintaining healthy skin - and this includes your scalp. It contains antioxidants that help repair hair follicles to their original state.
  4. Omega 6 is a fatty acid that replenishes the lipid structure of the skin. In terms of hair, it works to boost hair growth, improves the density of your hair and controls water loss in hair.
  5. Omega 9 has hydration power, helping to repair damages caused by heat tools like straighteners and hair dryers. It makes hair more soft and manageable.

What Ways Can Jojoba Be Incorporated Into My Haircare Routine?

As a conditioning treatment:

A good way to start incorporating Jojoba into your weekly hair care routine is to mix a few drops into your conditioner to enhance it’s moisturizing abilities. Leave it in for 10 minutes while you’re in the shower so it has adequate time to nourish the hair - similar to a hair mask - then rinse it out.

As a dandruff treatment

If you deal with dandruff, you can massage a handful of our Jojoba into your scalp - gently combing it through damp or wet hair - and then leaving it overnight. The next morning, you can shampoo and condition as usual.

As a lash growth serum

For long, healthy eyelashes, apply some Australian Jojoba to a spoolie brush and lightly brush against your lashes. Repeat this daily.

As a skin softener pre/post shave

Applying a product like Jojoba before shaving will help soften your skin and prepare it for shaving. This will also allow for a smoother shave. If you have sensitive skin, you can apply Jojoba after you shave to help calm irritated skin.

As a beard oil

Enjoy a shinier and healthier looking beard with our Jojoba. It won’t only soften and condition your beard, but can promote hair growth as well.

As a hot oil treatment

Use Jojoba as part of a hot oil treatment every two weeks to reduce frizz and split ends, while improving hair strength.- Wash your hair first, then microwave 3-6 tablespoons of Jojoba for 10 seconds.- Test the heat of the oil on your wrist, before massaging it evenly throughout your hair and scalp.- Cover your head with a shower cap for up to 20 minutes, then rinse out the oil and follow up with your normal conditioner.- Enjoy smooth, silky hair!

What Hair Types Can Jojoba Be Applied To?

The beauty of our natural Australian Jojoba is that it doesn’t discriminate! Jojoba is suitable to use on all different hair types and textures, so whether your hair is straight or curly, thick or thin - Jojoba will work with you!

Use Jojoba on Straight Hair

If you have straight hair, or typically wear your hair straight, you may benefit from Jojoba as a natural alternative for heat protectant. When applied to the hair, Jojoba will form a protective coating around your strands making them more resistant to the heat damage caused by straighteners and hairdryers.

Use Jojoba on Curly Hair

Jojoba has major benefits for harder to tame styles, including curly hair. It can be a great sealing oil to use after you condition your hair, helping to seal in moisture. People who have curly hair may experience frizziness due to a lesser amount of sebum produced on the scalp, so Jojoba oil can help to balance out the sebum production.

Use Jojoba on Thick Hair

Jojoba promotes hair thickness naturally, so those with thicker hair types will benefit from Jojoba’s strengthening and hydrating properties.

Use Jojoba on Thin Hair

Because Jojoba is considered a light oil (it’s not an oil, but instead a liquid wax ester) it’s especially suited to fine or thin hair. If you find your hair to be thin and damaged, you may benefit from combining Jojoba with a heavier oil, like coconut oil, to add extra deep moisture to your hair.

Jojoba for Hair FAQs

Will My Hair Grow If I Use Jojoba?

Jojoba stimulates circulation in the scalp, nourishing and strengthening the hair follicles to grow - and this promotes hair growth and thickness. It is rich in many vitamins and minerals that specifically nourish hair, including vitamin C, B vitamins, vitamin E, copper and zinc.

How Often Should I Use Jojoba In My Hair?

Incorporating our natural Australian Jojoba into your hair routine once or twice per week will be beneficial for your hair. Whether you massage it into your scalp or use it as part of a hot oil treatment, our Jojoba will leave your hair nourished, silky - and best of all, protected.

Our Unique Australian Jojoba and the Beresford Farm

The golden liquid inside each of our signature bottles of Australian Jojoba is carefully handcrafted using only the finest jojoba beans from our family owned farm in Yenda NSW, which we call the Beresford Farm.

Managed by Farmer Dan, the trees on our Beresford Farm are delicately cared for all year round, until our annual harvest in March. A small team is assigned to collect the best Jojoba beans, before they are extra virgin cold pressed and filtered 14 times for absolute purity.

We manage every step of the process, ensuring each bottle of Jojoba is of the highest quality. With a product that is natural, cruelty-free and vegan friendly, what more could you want?

Level up your hair care routine today with 100% natural, vegan Australian Jojoba! We recommend you try our Australian Jojoba 200ml.