Clinically Proven Results:

29% decrease in skin roughness*  |    Reduces water loss from the skin by 52%**   |    Skin appears 23% more healthy and rejuvenated***

133% increase in skin firmness**
9% increase in skin collagen**
24% decrease in frown lines.***

Hydrating Peptide Day Cream

Enhanced with advanced botanical ingredients to firm and plump, this hydration rich cream leaves your skin feeling soft, dewy and ready for the day ahead.

Combing the powers of firming NaturePep® and SK-INFLUX® V MB (Ceramides) this lightweight cream seals in moisture all day long. Gliding along the surface of the skin forming a breathable barrier, our premium Wadi-Wadi Jojoba submerges the deeper layers in essential vitamins and omegas creating 360 degrees of hydration. Simply, an instant drink for the skin.

Firming NaturePep®
A natural peptide derived from, Sacha Inchi which is a perennial plant native to much of tropical South America and Southeast Asia –Ancient Incan women used Sacha Inchi to revitalize & rejuvenate their skin. The seeds are an excellent source of nutrients (e.g. vitamins, omegas) and a rich source of amino acids making it a powerful skin peptide.

SK-INFLUX® V MB (Plumping Ceramides)   
A non-animal based concentrated mix of different types of ceramides, cholesterol, free fatty acid and phytosphingosine with unique barrier restoring capabilities. It mimics the structure of the skin barrier, restores the skin barrier and helps dry skin to recover.

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How does it work?

Peptides are chained short sections of amino acids that form the building blocks of proteins in the form of collagen in our skin. When these chains become broken, the skin produces Peptides to help the skin to repair and produce more collagen.
When you use a topical peptide, it works by tricking your skin to believe it has just lost collagen, triggering your natural processes to produce more collagen which results in a more firm and plump complexion.
Most peptides used in beauty are synthetically or animal derived, but NaturePep® provides a natural, sustainable and effective alternative to synthetic and animal derived peptides. It works with the collagen and elastin to strengthen the skin and keep the skin’s structure resulting in healthier, firmer, plumper and more rejuvenated skin.

Ceramides are natural lipids (oils) found naturally in the skin that make up over 50 per cent of the skin’s composition. Ceramides play an important role in maintaining the skin’s balance as they help shield the skin from dehydration and protect against external and environmental irritants. Without the correct balance of ceramides, the skin’s barrier can become compromised and start showing signs of dryness and damage. Sun exposure and other environmental factors can reduce the levels of ceramides produced within the skin which can result in the skin’s protective barrier becoming weakened which then allows moisture to escape and external aggressors to penetrate the skin and cause damage and irritation. 

Diagram to demonstrate how it works with the collagen and elastin to strengthen the skin and keep the structure.
NaturePep® The skin contains natural peptides, which contribute to the structural strength of the skin and keep it plump and firm.


SK–Influx®V MB is a skin-identical ceremide which helps restore the protective barrier structure by filling the gaps in the skin barrier with skin-identical ceramides, cholesterol and free fatty acids. It helps strengthen the natural skin barrier, allowing the skin to maintain its moisture and elasticity.

Hyaluronic acid

Holds 100 times its weight in water. Plumps and hydrates the skin

Pomegranate oil

Fights wrinkles, rich in antioxidants and promotes radiant skin

Green tea extract

Improves skin’s natural moisture, unclogs pores

Olive leaf extract

Soothing and hydrating and high in antioxidants

*claims based on women aged 28 – 65 years old using NaturePep ® for 7 days
**claims based on ex vivo skin treated with SK-INFLUX-V-MB over 20 hours
***Claims based on reduction in dermis tissue gaps in 15 women using NaturePep® twice daily for 28 days

From seedling to shelf, our natural products are safe for all skin types, ages and concerns.We only use the purest ingredients, free from chemical nasties

Our skincare begins with the beans nurtured on our family farm in Rural NSW. Beresford Farm is will always be the home and heart of The Jojoba Company

We don't subscribe to animal testing, and any ingredients we don't grow on our Beresford Farm are sustainably and ethically sourced, safe for you and our planet

Combining the highest quality botanically derived ingredients, our entire range is 100% vegan friendly crafted using safe and effective plant extracted components

Jojoba Journey

Start our journey to Smarter Natural Skincare today.
Start your regimen with our velvety cream cleanser to give your skin a breath of fresh air. Next apply your mist to dampen the skin and tighten pore before applying your facial oil to nourish below and above the skins surface. Then move to your eye area, to plump, firm and hydrate the delicate eye area before applying a day or night cream to protect and lock in your previous skin steps.

Jojoba Bead


Jojoba Water
Toning Mist


Jojoba and
Rosehip Oil 


Hydrating Peptide
Day Cream


Overnight Renewal

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