Skin Cleansing – You Absolutely Don’t Want ‘Squeaky Clean’

Skin Cleansing – You Absolutely Don’t Want ‘Squeaky Clean’
We often associate tight squeaky skin after cleansing with a job well done; it’s considered a sign of a good thorough clean, especially for oily skin. That tight skin feeling is actually a sign of damaged and over dry skin. Dermatologists advise that ‘squeaky clean’ is far too aggressive, particularly for sensitive or acne prone skin. It seems counter intuitive, but harsh cleansing routines can actually cause oil glands to become over active, making acne problems even worse.

Natural Face Cleansers Dissolve Impurities

Most of us begin the day by applying sunblock or make-up and may end it will a great workout at the gym or studio. Reaching for a bar of soap as a quick fix is tempting but damaging to your skin—most soaps or harsh cleansers pull off natural oils that no amount of moisturising will replace. And water alone simply doesn’t work as most environmental impurities and cosmetic products are not water soluble, they need a cleanser to break them down.

A Natural Cleanser That’s Perfect for Your Skin Type

What you need is a cleanser that is super gentle, while dissolving even the most stubborn make-up and impurities. With ingredients like jojoba oil, Vitamin C, quandong, aloe vera and Vitamin E our natural range includes facial cleansers for sensitive skin, and natural face cleansers for oily skin.

Even the microbeads used in our exfoliating cleanser are extremely gentle, unlike the sharp, jagged edges of apricot pit particles used in some products (natural yes, but ouch, skin irritation and inflammation!) We use jojoba beads that with their unique molecular structure create a luxuriously smooth liquid feel on your skin.

Cleanser in Hand – Let’s Get it Right
  • Apply with clean hands, don’t spread bacteria
  • Put a little cleanser on your palm, apply to face with light, gentle patting movements
  • Leave cleanser on your skin for a few minutes to dissolve impurities
  • Use clean cotton ball or make-up pad and gently wipe skin
  • Rinse with cool water
  • Follow with a good moisturiser
  • P.S. Don’t forget your neck and décolletage, it often misses out on daily TLC