Eye & Lip Care

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    The delicate skin around the eyes and lips deserves special care. Our natural eye balm and natural eye serum are specifically designed for the eye area. Both are made from natural ingredients starting with our homegrown jojoba complemented with targeted plant actives such as natural peptides, quinoa, pomegranate and cucumber. Our natural vegan jojoba lip balm is enriched with kakadu plum, coconut oil and vegan candelilla wax. These products are perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin.

    Discover Our Natural Eye Serum To Transform the Eye Area

    Our natural eye serum is a powerful targeted treatment to transform the eye area giving instant benefits with long term clinically proven results to transform the eye area by reducing wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles as well as lifting and opening up the eye.

    To complement the eye serum our natural eye cream can be used with the serum to enhance the benefits or on its own to deeply hydrate and nourish the eye area while lifting and firming.  Our Australian lip balm will moisturise and protect the lips.

    Take Special Care of Your Eyes and Lips With The Jojoba Company

    Our eye balm and lip balm will provide everyday care, protection and nourishment for the eye area while our eye serum will provide a targeted anti-aging treatment.  Our specialized eye and lip products are suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. Try The Jojoba Company's natural skincare products