Facial Oils

facial oil, face oil for naturally oily or acne prone skin

When it comes to using oils on our skin, many people shy away in the belief adding a facial oil to their naturally oily or acne prone skin will increase breakouts or they simply may not know what to use or where to begin. There is however, an oil to suit every skin type and need. Oils mimic our skin’s natural sebum and it is this close link that helps to make them so effective. Natural oils are full of vitamins, antioxidants and omegas which help to repair, protect and hydrate the skin. Our skin naturally produces oils, lipids and wax esters which help prevent water loss from our skin and help keep it hydrated and balanced. Adding oils to your skin care regimen can complement naturally produced oils helping improve overall skin health. 

Using a facial oil as part of your skin care regimen will strengthen the outer layer of the skin by softening and sealing it and preventing water loss as well as providing it with extra nutrients. Due to the incredible carrying benefits of our Wadi-Wadi Jojoba, if added to a cream, moisturiser or cleanser you will benefit greatly from this combination as Jojoba will carry the other nutrients deeper into the skin, while providing extra hydration, nutrients and a moisture barrier. There are many types of oils to choose from, each with different benefits for the skin to target different skin types and skin conditions.