What is Bakuchiol AKA "Natural Retinol"?

What is Bakuchiol AKA "Natural Retinol"?

Bakuchiol AKA ‘Natures Retinol’

The Importance of Ingredients


Similar to fashion, the beauty and skincare industry go through fads and ‘must haves’ too. But the great thing about skincare is that it is backed by science!
We are forever discovering the power behind these incredible ingredients and giving them fancy new names. This is why at The Jojoba Company; we are always upgrading our formulas and crafting newbies for you all to enjoy. Because once our Co-Founder Vicki has her eyes locked on a fabulous ingredient, it’s all hands-on deck to create a product to include its beauty.
At the moment skincare has a few buzz words floating around and we are here to break them down for you – because skincare is confusing and what on earth is Bakuchiol? 

The Trio

Balancing Range


Citrus Gel Cleanser

This non-drying cleanser has anti-bacterial properties to decongest, clear and regulate oil production. Rich in Niacinamide and Canadian Willow Herb, skin will be left soothed and balanced.

Skin Balancing Oil

Using Bakuchiol and Calla Lily extracts, this clinically proven Jojoba based oil will reduce oil production and pore size while improving skin texture, elasticity and softness.


Daily Light Moisturiser

Using Avocado extract this clinically proven day cream is specifically formulated to balance an oily T-zone and control oil production, while soothing skin and reducing redness.

What is Bakuchiol

Found in the seeds of the Babchi plant Bakuchiol is similar to Jojoba in the fact that it has been used for centuries! Particularly in Chinese and Indian cultures, Bakuchiol has been a favoured ingredient to hyperpigmentation and other skin irritations. But now we have uncovered that this gorgeous purple flower is so.much.more! Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial research shows that Bakuchiol reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, has a pronounced soothing effect and can benefit all skin types. That’s right ALL skin types. 

What is Bakuchiols Big Deal?

So, what right? Well the reason Bakuchiol has taken off is because people have mirrored its impact ono the skin with retinol. You may have heard: ‘Natures retinol’ ‘A natural alternative to retinol’ ‘A natural form of retinol’. A vegan friendly, non-irritant, chemical free ingredient that gives all the benefits of a retinol but without the nasties. Sound familiar? That’s because you may have seen a similar statement floating around on this exact website. A safe and effective ingredient free from any nasties is what The Jojoba Company’s ethos is. So, it just makes sense that we have included Bakuchiol in our products, right? 
You can check out our Skin Balancing Oil which is an incredible product for oily and acne prone skin. Clinically proven to reduce sebum by 37 percent in just 30 minutes, visibly reduce pore size and improve skin softness and moisturise levels. Rebalance your sebum production providing clearer and smoother skin, the safe way.  

Bakuchiol Vs Retinol

Let’s break down the comparison. Because retinol is another buzz word you have most likely seen in the skincare world.
Whilst both Bakuchiol and Retinol share great benefits like:

  • Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin appears plumper
  • Evens skin tone
  • Skin looks brighter and glowing
  • Skin texture is smoother
  • Minimises the appearances of pores

Why not try Bakuchiol for yourself?
Check out our babe in blue AKA our Bakuchiol hero AKA our Skin Balancing Oil.
All the Bakuchiol benefits PLUS MORE