Youth in a bottle

Youth in a bottle

Aging is natural and so is L22®


Ultimate Youth Potion now with L22® is not your average anti-aging product, it’s youth in a bottle.

Designed, as always, with jojoba at its heart, L22® is uniquely formulated to deliver the same skin profile of a healthy 22-year-old.

Using the latest patented technology, L22® delivers skin lipid components in the same balance as present on a vibrant 22-year-old.


Hold up…what are lipids?

Lipids are skin’s natural fats and are crucial for two main reasons –

1: They aid in the skin’s natural repair process
2: They strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, helping to hold in moisture, protecting the skin from damage and repel dirt and impurities.


In a nutshell, unbalanced lipids are the main reason our skin ages. Over time we naturally lose the perfect balance of these natural fats which results in the five main causes of aging.

  • Collagen breakdown, this leads to loss of skin elasticity reduces thickness resulting in sagging and wrinkles.
  • UV, pollution and IR exposure, the leading cause of premature aging is over exposure to these elements leading to a reduction in skin elasticity, loss of skin cells, leathery skin, inflammation, wrinkles and age spots.
  • Oxidation, results in an increase of blocked pores (mainly blackheads) and the rise of fine lines.
  • Inflammation, the normal defence against foreign invaders, constant inflammation exhausts the skin’s defence system impairing the skin’s protective barrier function.
  • Glycation, or high sugar consumption, weakens your elastin and collagen ability to function normally resulting in a loss of radiance, thinning and cracked skin.


So instead of trying to target the many causes of aging, L22® starts at the very top, by rebalancing your natural fats your skin can defend itself against all signs of aging.

Skincare can be confusing so we are taking the tricky guess work out of figuring what your skin needs to look and feel younger. L22® is everything your skin needs to rewind time, naturally.


We have redefined what it means to be an anti-aging product, we are giving your skin the potion to travel back to when you were just 22.  

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With only the finest botanical lipids, L22® mimics the skin profile of your younger self. Extracting the same nutrients found in healthy young skin, this golden liquid uses the perfect balance of jojoba, macadamia and olive oil. Because aging is natural, so is L22®.


And as always, because jojoba is the closest botanical match to your skin’s oil it carries the incredible L22® properties deep beneath the surface. Alongside of CoQ10, a naturally occurring compound in your body that helps replenish skin cells, our revamped Youth Potion is better than the original.


The visible results you'd expect from a serum, now in our most loved facial oil.

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Without the use of harsh chemicals, L22® remains clean, vegan, and cruelty free

The Jojoba Company cares about everyone.