Jojoba Journey

Meet the Women Behind The Jojoba Company
Co-founded by a woman and consisting of a mostly female team, we believe it's of utmost importance to reflect on the women who came before us, recognise our own team's achievements and simply celebrate women each International Women's Day. The...
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Ultimate Serum: Better Than Retinol
What is Retinol? Retinol, the not-so-secret anti-ageing super ingredient! Many skincare aficionados would have heard of this wonder component. This age-defying super element is a form of vitamin A that works to turn over skin cells fast! Brightening, smoothing, firming,...
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Meet Our New Radiance Mask
Our NEW Jojoba & Enzyme Radiance Mask offers a chemical exfoliation for the skin - but is all-natural. So how does this work? The mask is a gel-textured face mask that uses plant-derived acids AHAs and BHA to clean out...
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