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    Baby Range - Shop Natural Baby Oil For Delicate Skin

    Our oil is naturally hypoallergenic, nut and preservative-free—absolutely ‘no nasties’ here. Jojoba is the key ingredient and is perfect for baby’s skin.  Jojoba is not oil, but a liquid wax, identical to the protective wax produced in the baby’s own skin.  We have enriched it with soothing chamomile, lavender and camellia oil. Moringa oil adds antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. 

    ojoba is perfect for baby’s skin. It is not an oil but a liquid wax (known as wax esters) identical to the protective wax produced in baby’s own skin and eyes. Wax esters are also an important part of the vernix that coats the skin of newborn babies. Hence, jojoba is compatible with baby’s skin. From birth, wax esters produced in the skin continue to naturally protect skin and support skin health throughout life. Jojoba is hypo allergenic so will not irritate baby’s skin.

    Jojoba is the key ingredient in each of the products in our baby range and each and every ingredient is carefully chosen to complement and support baby’s delicate skin.

    How To Use Natural Baby Oil

    Ideal as a bath oil, or apply gently to soothe cradle cap, nappy rash or skin irritations. Great for a relaxing massage or all-over moisturising. Our natural baby oil soothes, nourishes and protects to relieve dry skin.

    This multi-use baby oil can also be used to calm little ones before bed, enriched with Moringa, Chamomile & Lavender oils - this all-natural oil will calm and relax little ones.

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    Discover the absolute amazing benefits of Jojoba for yourself and your family and the 100 reasons we love Jojoba. Pure Jojoba is at the heart of our natural skincare products. Our signature Australian Jojoba is much loved and is the main ingredient in our baby products.  Shop online with The Jojoba Company today get free expedited shipping available