Tales of Transformations

Testimonials from Real Customers

Ever wondered what Jojoba can do for your skin? Read our real customer ‘Tales of Transformation’ reviews on The Jojoba Company natural skincare products including reviews on our signature Australian Jojoba and range of products which use Jojoba as an ingredient. Remember that Jojoba is unlike any other oil, because it isn’t one, it is a unique ester that soothes, hydrates and protects the skin. Jojoba has the power to unlock our skin’s intelligence, no wonder it is so loved by our customers around the world.

Discover before and after results and the benefits of Jojoba for yourself. No matter your age, skin type, skin concern or skin goals, there is a product for you at The Jojoba Company. Read the reviews and before and after results from Jojoba enriched products and start your journey to achieving your best skin naturally. The reviews on this page cover a range of products including serums, cleansers and moisturizer's.

Thousands of customers worldwide Love The Jojoba Company products. See real people and real results from our community, try Jojoba today and start seeing amazing results and healthier skin!

Sarah H.

"My skin is literally glowing after using this for a few weeks. I’ve been struggling with scarring and inflammation from acne and this has made such a big difference."


"I’ve been using Jojoba oil for a while. It doesn’t get too oily and is perfect for moisturising. If someone is considering trying this product, I highly recommend it."

Amber L.

"I love how natural this skincare is. There has never been anything better for my skin then the jojoba oil, it’s so moisturising and just amazing."

Juliet R.

"I absolutely give this oil a 10 out of 10. It feels amazing and doesn’t leave a greasy finish. My skin feels plump and soft. No strong scent which is great too."

"I’ve always struggled with highly sensitive skin that reacted to almost every product. I had a rash like acne that persisted all over my face with black heads and white heads that would constantly come one after another. I had a lot of texture even with makeup on. I adore these products and the confidence Jojoba has given me in going make-up free is truly life changing."


Review by Anastasia Pine-Jones

"In October 2020, I was involved in a major bike accident in which I sustained multiple open wounds on my face. I had to get facial surgery and was told by surgeons that it was likely to never fully recover and that I would need to be conscious of my scars for the rest of my life. I used (and continue to use) Jojoba Citrus Cleanser, Calming Oil and Multi-defence moisturiser which healed my scars, reduced their pigmentation whilst soothing and protecting the sensitive new skin. I absolutely love these products and the miracles they’ve worked in getting my skin back to normal, and even better than before!"


Review by Annabel


"I have been looking to for a product just like this one. It visibly smooths fine lines and leaves your face feeling younger and fresher in only a few short minutes. An amazing eye lift!" - Jess L 

Transformative Eye Serum


"This product feels lovely and cool on the eyes when applied with the applicator, which is like a little gold ball at the end of the dropper. Gently patting it into my eyes, they feel soothed by the coolness of the gel. My eyes definitely look much brighter, and smoother, since first using the product last week." - Janelle L

Transformative Eye Serum


"I’ve tried many eye serums/creams/miracle cures for this and that. At 59yo, I've experienced a few things. Yet, your product surprised me. Under eye depth of wrinkles have diminished noticeably. Eye bags are slowly pulling back and the colour of blue circles under the eye has started to lighten. I have only been using the product for a week. Thanks. " - Sue B

Transformative Eye serum


"I have been using the serum now for a year and have found my forehead and eye wrinkles have reduced a lot. You only need a small amount when applying. I use a combination of the eye cream, youth potion & ultimate day cream with the serum and they have all made a big difference making my skin smooth and less wrinkles I highly recommend this product. " - Rebekah M

Transformative Eye Serum

Make the Best of Your Skin Complexion

Once you understand your skin type and how it can dramatically change with time you can create the perfect skincare routine that works for you today. Make some simple changes and your skin will reward you by looking healthy, balanced and happy.

If you have a skin concern - whether you want to reduce dark spots, dullness and ageing, or you want to better exfoliate and hydrate the skin, incorporating a serum in your daily skincare routine will be beneficial.