Why is our jojoba oil the best?

We manage our jojoba personally all the way from the propagation of tiny seedlings on our farm to the beautiful bottle in your hand. That’s the only way we can truly claim to know our products so well.

The female jojoba plants produce the liquid golden wax in their leaves and store it in their beans. When the beans are full of wax and are mature, the plant simply drops them on the ground.

We leave the beans under the skirt of the plants to dry naturally to concentrate the purity of the golden wax. We then very slowly and gently extra virgin cold press our beans to release the liquid jojoba wax which makes up to 50% of the bean. We cold press beans to make sure that the vitamins and nutrients the plant has stored in its beans make it into the bottle.

The colour of jojoba is important too.  The way we manage our jojoba farm, and the handling, cleaning and processing of our jojoba beans gives our liquid golden jojoba its rich deep golden colour. Pale or clear jojoba has usually been heat filtered or refined. It is not the same as heat destroys vitamins and precious nutrients.